Eliza Cook - Confirmed Seamed Stockings Wearer

Sorry for not posting for a while - but today want to bring to you a couple of videos showing the incredibly sexy and beautiful Eliza Cook wearing seamed stockings.

Ex Agent Provocateur model Eliza Cook is the voice for Love The Races which is brought to you by Racing For Change and is a confirmed and very regular wearer of seamed stockings. As an ex Agent Provocateur model she got into wearing seamed stockings and always displays the vintage look when attending the races.

I will bring you more content on Eliza over the next few weeks but for today I would like to give you two fantastic videos.

Eliza Cook Seamed Stockings - Royal Ascot

Only a short video this one but check out those fantastic seams as she goes to place a bet at Royal Ascot.

Eliza Cook - Getting Ready for the Races in Seamed Stockings

In this video Eliza talks us through how she gets ready for the races and talks about her preference for seamed stockings. Getting ready for the races vintage style!!

Hope you enjoy these two videos and more will come soon!

Barbara D'urso Seamed Stockings Flash

The fantastic Barbara D'urso - who always wears stockings - flashing not only her stocking tops but some fantastic seamed stockings in this great video.

Why cant we have more ladies like this on UK TV!!

Enid Brown's Tour Of What Katie Did

This is a great video and I have to say Stella Plumes plays the part exceptionally well! - I also love What Katie Did - the lingerie from there and the stockings are exceptional!


Louise Minchin Stocking Tops

So Louise Minchen has taken over from the incredibly sexy but 100% confirmed tights wearer Christine Bleakley and in this great clip Louise gives us a nice cheeky little flash of the top of her opaque hold up stocking!

I have to say I love flashes like this whether they are accidental or on purpose it is nice to see and much much better (in my opinion) than seeing everything all on show - I think the saying of less is more is really true!

Anyway enjoy!!

Barbara Windsor - Carry on Doctor - Black Cuban Healed FFS

Not the best quality video today I am afraid but this is one of my favourite scenes from a Carry On movie. Barbara Windsor was one sexy lady in her time and has a fantastic pair of legs which look all the better encased in these fabulous Black Cuban Healed Fully Fashioned Stockings - in my experience whilst there were a few stockings scenes in the Carry On films - there were certainly none as good as this one with seams on show in such a way!


Katy Perry Pride of Britain Awards 05.10.09 Seamed Tights

Ok ok I know the blog name is a glimpse of stockings but I am afraid anyone who wears seams is great in my book and the very sexy Katy Perry looks stunning in these fantastic Jonathan Aston Zebra Heeled Seamed Tights - they can be purchased at Stockings HQ


Esther Ranzen Stockings

This may well be an old clip no but it never loses its appeal - Esther Rantzen on Hearts of Gold wearing and showing a fabulous pair of black stockings.

I think it would be fair to say that seeing Esther on TV every week - initially on Thats Life and then Hearts of Gold was the thing that really got me hooked on stockings! - coming at the same time as it did with a bit of a resurgence in ladies wearing seams and stockings in general I became a huge huge fan!

Anyway enjoy this great little clip of Esthers stocking tops!

Fun Stockings Upskirt

This mornings post is a fun little one featuring the very beautiful Rika Vagiani who has invented the very enjoyable stockings upskirt game and seams! to find it hilarious - and quite frankly I find it very enjoyable too! - enjoy the great flashing of stockings throughout this great video!

Amanda Holden in Blue Seamed Hold Ups

Amanda Holden is well known for wearing stockings in fact one newspaper reported a few years ago that her nickname is 'hold ups' Holden!

I am sure many of you will have seen this scene before when Amanda appeared on Gordon Ramseys cooking show but I think its a great one.

Amanda not only flashed her blue hold up stocking tops (I think they are micro net seamed hold ups from Agent prov) but she also then does the splits (video 2)

Enjoy - I know I certainly did!!

Video 1 - Amanda arriving on set and flashing her blue hold ups

Video 2 - Amanda doing the splits and flashing her blue hold ups